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horses sold

madam couleur

Super SAFE, SOUND Intermediare I Ready !!

9 year old imported Bavaerian Mare. Absolutely NO mare issues. Has lived right next to a stallion – no problems !! Can live alone, is super sweet, kids save ( my 8 year old rides her) , absolut a super behaved horse. Madame has competed at 4 th level and got scores of 67% +, and PSG scores at 70%, she also does all movements out of the Intermediare 1.
Madame is just a sweetheart, no problem if she has days off. She is super easy to sit in the trot- but still super flashy- and comes easy round. This is a great AA or Junior/Young Rider horse, with no issues. !! Clean record of health, good feet, great behavior, easy to sit…


Midt West Lion
PSG School Master
This 12 year old PSG horse is sadly for sale. The teenage rider has decided that jumping is not her forte. Imported on 10/12 from Germany, this Danish warmblood comes from world class bloodlines. His dad, Midt West Light, was the sire of the year 1999. He was also the best Danish bred 4 year old stallion. This horse needs one owner that will love him and he will give everything in return. He is super sweet, and does everything load, clip, trail ride. He is very sane and sound. He has wonderful big gaits, very clean changes, and I 1 is just around the corner.

Dark Dreamer

Fancy young horse "Dark Dreamer" schooled third level

Dark Dreamer is an eye catching 6 year old gelding (16.3 H) imported from Germany with an excellent and friendly character. He learns very quickly and is comfortable to ride. He is schooling third level and was successful at his first horse show (first and second level) scored with 70.29%. His gates are fancy also because of his well bred (Desperados x Sandro Hit).

Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame

I imported him from Germany as a 2 level horse. He have beautiful gait and achieves the levels very quickly. He scored at 4th level 72% before he got sold. He was already schooled all the PSG movements. He has very sweet temparment.

Red Diamond

4th Level Dressage Schoolmaster

11 year old Rheinlaender by Rosenkoenig out of Rubinstein and Raschid - Rubinstein Started under saddle as 5 year old by his current owner "Diamond" is showing successful at 4th level and is getting ready for his ( and his riders) debut in PSG shortly.
Rubinstein has been called " a sire of a century" , won more than 40 Grand Prix, went to the Olympics and was known for his handsomeness and above all, his uncomplicated manner. In Germany horse people say "  Rubinstein is a fine horse"
Red Diamond not only has this sire one side, but on both. And he is representing all the things a Rubinstein is known for - beauty with a loving brain !! When you look at him, his eye is the first indicator that you have a soul of horse in front of you. He is perfectly mannered in all things. Braiding, clipping, loading... he goes on trails alone... he enters an arena, even if the wind blows the arena enclosement over... you can go from X to X without worries ! This horse has the perfect attitude, - all the time !! An eight year old rides him around without problem !!
He is easy to sit and automatic on the bit, light in the hands. He is ready to show PSG ( we are missing the shed belly) !
Diamond is very healthy! He is only on the normal supplements, no injections ! He has only had routine health care, never had any problems.


Bombproof beautiful mare

Helena competed at second level, schooled at third level and she scored at 72.9%. She is 16H and bred by Goldschmidt. Helena is just a sweetheart, no Problem when she has days off. She is super easy to sit in the trot and canter but still super flashy and comes easy round. This is a great AA or Junior/Young Rider horse with no issues.

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