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We are pleased to offer boarding for your horses. The barn has 9- 12x12 stalls. Each stall floor has a drainage system and mats, the perimeter stalls are concrete walls. Divider walls are made of puck board (the same material that is used in ice skating rings). This board is soft to the kick but virtually indestructible. Each stall also has an automatic waterer and fan. The aisle way is 14 ft. wide with large garage door openings on both sides and an open copula to the roof’s ventilation system. The Barn has fantastic ventilation all year round.

Amenities include an air-conditioned feed and tack room. The feed room has a refrigerator and bathroom. The barn is laid out to withstand 150 MPH, and equipped with storm shutters or rollup gates on all openings. It is also designed to be fire resistant.

The dressage arena is standard Olympic Size 60x20 meters (approximately 200x70 feet). The Nike footing is ideal for all weather conditions, as it drains well in the summer but does not dry out in the winter. The far short side of the arena has approximately 6 ft tall mirrors. The whole arena has an automated sprinkler system. At the front of the arena there is a sitting area under a cover gazebo. Along one long side of the arena there is sufficient tree coverage from the neighboring property.

We also have a 3 horse outside stall with direct access to sand, pasture and grass. Our grass pastures are maintained and watered year round.


Monthly board for year around boarders -  $1,150.00

Monthly board seasonal boarder -             $1,400.00

Monthly board off season - $850.00

OR you reserve your box during summer and you get the same price as year around borders per month you reserve the stall -  $450.00

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